The Shredderhotline group now offers machines that are twice as large as it's competition for the same price and the same quality.


Shear Shredder is a family owned, diversified manufacturer of industrial shredders.

The company is known for being a pioneer in the industrial shredder field. The groups lineage can be traced back to 1966, with it’s vertical grinder technology and patent, intended for the car and scrap metal shredding industry. The owner and president of Shredderhotline, Dan Burda, invented the shear shredder in 1972 with his family and founded the Saturn Manufacturing company. This pioneering would throw the world into a new era of waste processing equipment and technology that had never been envisioned before. The Saturn Manufacturing company was sold to the Mac Corporation in 1980 and is now doing business under the name Saturn Granutech.

After the sale of Saturn, Dan incorporated another industrial shredder manufacturing company in 1981. This company is still in operation today, under the brand name of SSI.

No one has more applied experience in the field of size reduction than Shredderhotline. If you need an industrial shredder, we manufacture all known designs for industrial shredders. Two shaft shear shredders, four shaft shear shredders, single shaft grinders, vertical grinders, granulators, Raspers etc.

The machines that we manufacture can be used to process anything from tires, municipal solid waste, scrap metal, wood waste, e-waste, radioactive waste, paper etc.

After 45 years of expansion, our machines are built everywhere in the world. America, China, Europe, Mexico. We can build the equipment in the same country as the client in order to suit project needs. Anything from single machines, to complete, complex systems.


Our shredders are used by Municipal bodies, armed forces, public and private companies all over the world. They used to process all types of material, including: Tires, steel, e-waste, municipal waste, C&D waste, radioactive waste and millitary waste.

Dan Burda

CEO and Founder


Size reduction system designs

Shredder designs

Parts fabrication

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