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As described in the Vertical Grinder article, you can find here our vertical grinder models. They vary from the V100 to the V1000. The design remains 

vertical_grindermain differencs from a model to another is the amount of drive motors, their power, and the size of the machine.

As discussed in the article about these machines, the tub design is critical in order to get the desired end product for each application.

The design allows the material being processed to flow from top to bottom while being ground. This unique feature also completely eliminates the need for a sizing screen. The inner, adjustable choke rings adjust the retention time in the machine, thus changing the output materials size. Because these machines lack a traditional sizing screen, they can run for days on end


without ever needing to be cleared of congested material.
These machines can process all sorts of materials.
– Wood waste

- Electronic scrap
– C&D waste
– Tire wire

- Castings

- Scrap metal

- And many more…
    After a pre-shred stage in one, or several shear shredder, scrap metal can be turned into frags.
This end product is easier to transport and vertical_shredder-33commands a higher price in the scrap metal market.  The massive V400 has 4 rotating arms and 32 grinding rings. We improved on the original design by adding a center shaft with a top bearing. This new feature increases the machines strength and durability. The rotor spins at 500 RPM and pulverizes anything that comes in contact with it. The grinding rings then knarl the shattered material into a frag, in the case of scrap metal, or into finer particles in the case of more brittle materials such as wood, castings and glass.
The smaller V100 will do everything the V400 does, but in smaller quantities and with smaller feed stock. This model still has 4 arms, but its size limits the machine to having only 12 grinding rings. It is important to note that the grinding rings on this model are the exact same size as on the V400.
The grinding rings on all vertical grinders are a manganese alloy casting, just like the components of a hammermill.
Here are a few pictures showing the inside of the V100 and V400 tub:
The V400:









The V100



Our shredders are used by Municipal bodies, armed forces, public and private companies all over the world. They used to process all types of material, including: Tires, steel, e-waste, municipal waste, C&D waste, radioactive waste and millitary waste.

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