Bottle Shredders


Our small bottle grinding machine, mounted into a vending machine type of enclosure, is the ideal system for reduction of waste bottles at their source: The public. These machines funstion on 110 Volts, 60hz, so they can be plugged into any electrical power outlet. Instead of having to handle large volumes of waste bottles in Shopping Centres, large public gatherings, large surface stores or any other large source, these events, or locations, will have their waste plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans reduced into a recyclable and transportable size. Event organizors will be able to profit from their waste stream instead of having to pay for transporation and recycling.

This technology is a smaller version of the machines used in recycling centers and treatment plants since the 1970’s. It has a proven track record, we simply made it available to smaller venues by reducing the machines size. The vending machine would accept the bottles, shred them down and, in certain models, also compact the flakes of material. Having more than one machine on site would allow the user to separate the different material being used by the public: Plastic, glass and aluminum.

Please contact our management team if you have any questions about these machines.

This picture  illustrates the interior shredding mechanism. The machine was shredding Bottle shredder aluminum pop bottles before being stopped for the picture.

These machines can also be used for Oil bottles in vehicle service Centres. Many people have tried to tackle the oil bottle problem from centres like Wal-Mart in the USA and Canadian Tire in Canada.

These machines prepare the bottles for re-sale to a final processor. Instead of being garbage, they become a product, with a value.